January 2017

Brand Advertising versus Reputation – First 'Be' Something, Says Dave

Sometimes, you find an author who captures a powerful thought, very simply. We have recently been reading Dave Trott’s book ‘One + One = Three’ in which he summarises the relationship between brand advertising and reputation.

You see, here at Reputation Consultancy we are still amazed at the amount of  ‘out of date’, ‘past its sell by date’ and frankly ‘no longer relevant’ thinking that is still being applied by brands and advertising. In our minds it isn't just lazy, it is illogical.

Dave captures it in a nutshell.

Brand advertising logic, Dave says, is that ‘if we claim it that way, then people will see it that way.’

So brands believe that ‘if they claim trust, they will be trusted. If they claim innovation, they will believe it is innovative,’ if they claim reliability, they’ll believe it is reliable’.

Etc. Etc

It is true. The point he makes demonstrates the shift towards the importance of reputation.  Today, in this connected world, you simply cannot claim (through advertising or any other medium) just by stating it. 

As Dave says

First you must ‘be’ something. 

Then you get a reputation

Then you can claim it.

Perfectly put!  Thanks Dave.

Many organisations forget the first step entirely or lose touch with it. Many more are still just making claims.  Others are getting evidence and insight into the reputation they hold, then looking carefully across the business to decide what they want to 'be' in order to strengthen their reputation and understand what they can and want to claim.

The four questions we help our clients to answer are:

1  What is our reputation now and how does it differ among    stakeholders?

2. Why do we hold that reputation?

3. What do we want to claim?

4. How can we 'be' what we seek to claim