November 2012

Sir Roger Carr CBI President and Chairman of Centrica

Business Leaders Call For Better Corporate Reputation Management

This week a number of leading names in the UK business community have called for companies to think more carefully about how to manage their reputations.

Sir Roger Carr, president fo the CBI and chairman of Centrica, used the platform of the CBI annual conference to call for business to "salvage its poisoned reputation" and show how companies can be a force for good in society.

“We must demonstrate that we are a generation that is focused not on how much money we make but how we make money; we must salvage the reputation of business,”

Sir Roger's comments follow the weekend's statements from leaders at John Lewis, Mothercare and Dixons criticising the tax-avoiding practices of other major retailers.

A collective cry that Will Hutton described as a "new coalition against the corporate scorpions."

Even more proof of the importance now being placed by business leaders on matters of reputation and sustainability.  With forward-thinking organisations recognising the long-term benefits of a good reputation