Case studies

London Strategic Transport Operator

Reputation Need – To test established performance measures among stakeholders to more accurately understand which issues were the key drivers of its reputation in order to prioritise investments across network and staff. 

What We Did - We undertook reputation tracker and analysed over 1million customer comments before using them to highlight key pain points, the scale of each issue and the rise or decline in performance.  to help inform future investment decisions.

Tracking the impact of content partnerships

Reputation Need – A method for assessing the ROI for its commercial partners commissioning content partnerships.  Especially important when the purpose of the partnership is to build reputation or respect rather than achieve a clear commercial goal.

What we did – Developed a methodology to benchmark and then track the reputation of partner brands amongst its key audiences, looking at the impact and influence of these content partnerships over the partnership periods.

Strategic roads network operator for the UK.

Reputation Need -  To protect and enhance reputation through prior, during and beyond its rebrand. 

What We Did -  Our reputation Tracker and Fingerprint defined the agency’s current identity and image among all key stakeholders. An audit of digital relationships and emotions was undertaken to inform strategy. 

Public relations and communications team

Need.  Establishing the reputation of a new team, building reputation of the team in the organisation and personal and professional reputation development

What we did.  A ‘personal reputation’ workshop with the team.