Corporate Reputation Change

Reputation change begins with the individual and teams within an organisation. They are the ones who can influence reputation from the inside out, across their processes, systems and the relationships they hold.

We combine change management, coaching, culture and communications to equip your people to change the reputation of your organisation.

Our executive and leadership coaches are members of the International Coaching Federation, trained by the Coaches Training Institute and are graduates of Organisational and Relationship Systems Coaching.

Reputation Strategy Design

Developing a reputation-led approach to business strategy, we coach your senior leadership teams to create an online and offline reputation strategy that supports the business.  We combine coaching and consultancy to help you to see how you can strengthen your reputation across your current organisations, systems and relationships.

Corporate Reputation Training

Our reputation training workshops will equip those across your organisation with a core understanding of what corporate reputation is, how it manifests itself through their work and clarify the role they have to play in strengthening it.

Leaders Workshop

This strategic workshop is held across board, committees and C-suites to embed a sound understanding of corporate reputation at the highest level and begin to design and develop a sound reputational strategy .

Management Workshop

Developing proficient managers of reputation across all functions,this workshop embeds reputational leadership and strategy across all functions including marketing, sales, communications, operations, risk and HR.

Risk Managers Workshop

Training for risk managers on reputational risk, reputation risk management, risk mitigation, risk framework, risk measurement and risk reporting. Enabling managers to gain practical insight as to how to incorporate existing risk strategies with reputational risk.

Customer Services Workshop

Enabling those on the frontline of your organisation to connect with stakeholders and enhance reputation.

Marketing and Communications Workshop

Training for seasoned communications professionals to support them in understanding how best to infuence reputation within thier current roles. 


Reputation Coaching Programmes

Our coaching programmes bring out the existing capability across individuals and teams and ignites performance to build stronger reputations, both personally and professionally.

Leaders of Reputation

Designed exclusively for CEOs and senior leaders who are the ambassdors of corporate reputation, this programme provides a detailed understanding of reputation and aligns personal values with professional responsibilities. Providing confident and comfortable leaders of reputation from media comment to thier use of personal social media channels. 

Personal Brand And Personal Reputation Coaching

For those who wish to develop a stronger, personal reputation this programme enables the individual to develop their own story around every aspect of thier own personal reputation.

Online Personal Reputation Coaching

Online personal reputation coaching for those who seek to hold and develop a greater online reputation. Develop and design a personal online reputation programme that will support your aspirations and ambitions.

Team Reputation Coaching

Supporting existing teams to perform better both as indiviudals and as a collective. With an organisation or as a stand alone team, they will deliver more effectively and be able to hold stronger and better internal and external relationships.

Reputation and Corporate Culture

Corporate culture plays a vital part in influencing the reputation of an organisation. Our reputation and corporate culture programmes are designed to equip you with the skills to change your reputation through shared values, beliefs and behaviours.

Relationship Coaching

Knowing how to have and to hold strong and positive relationships, from supplier to colleagues, is a fundamental skill. We work with your team and individuals to understand and develop those skills needed to hold and deepen relationships.

Conflict Management

When teams and individuals have the ability to handle conflict positively and constructively, reputation risks are minimised, work becomes effective and relationships are supported. We will help you to identify toxic behaviours in the early stages, know how to neutralise them and move easily from conflict to cooperation.

Organisational and Relationship Systems

We take a look at your organisation's varying relationship systems and reveal the shared intelligence that they hold. Our trained Organisational and Relationship Systems Coaches will help you to see how your differing structures and functions can work positively together and with greater ease.


Reputation Consultancy RepCoach

RepCoach ™

One-to-one coaching for senior executives designed to align and enhance personal reputation, professional aspirations and organisational reputation. 


For more information on any of the workshops and programmes above contact Rachel on 07793 200888 or