Corporate Reputation Measurement and Monitoring

Management information that lets you understand your current reputation and see what needs to change.

Reputation Consultancy Reputation Fingerprint

Reputation Fingerprint ™

Highly detailed research that takes a 360-degree view across all stakeholder groups, providing evidence of the quality and strength of current reputation.

We show you the financial, social and environmental standing of your organisation allowing you to identify risks, see opportunities and make meaningful management decisions.

This research is the foundation from which you can build a stronger reputation.

Reputation Consultancy Reputation Tracker

Reputation Tracker ™

Tracking reputational change in real-time and evaluating progress against agreed goals. We can even show retrospective trends going back up to 5 years.

Our reports show who and what is influencing reputation, how your reputation compares to that of your competitors and the way your reputation is evolving.

Our Reputation Tracker products include:


See how financial results and announcements are affecting reputation. Compare this performance to that of your competitors and learn how to improve future announcements.


Evaluate how effective you have been in managing a crisis or issue and understand who and what is driving current perception.


Gain immediate evidence on the effectiveness of a communications campaign or the success of major change within your organisation.


Gather insight on the reputation of competitors to inform future strategy and create competitive advantage.


Prepare to enter new markets or undertake M&As with detailed and specific insight into key markets, customer groups, conversations and influencers.


Make informed investment decisions using detailed analysis of an organisation’s reputational history. A tool that has been specially designed for financial analysts.