November 2012

Did BBC Board Changes Put Corporate Reputation at Risk?

It is perhaps unfortunate timing that one of George Entwistle's first actions as Director General was to drop the Director of Communications role from the Board.

Whether that decision then contributed to how the recent crises were handled will be debated over the weeks to come.

However, it also raises interesting questions about where the responsibility of reputation management should rest.

Given that reputation is a crucial asset for any organisation and effective management of that asset should be a key part of good governance, we believe it's a responsibility that should be a core task for any board of directors.

Sustainable success is only achieved through an active understanding, proficient management and ability to respond to changes in reputation.

Only when an organisation understands who to influence, how to change and when there’s a need to do so, can it truly fulfill its objectives, limit reputational risk and secure its long-term future.