January 2018

Gender Pay gap and corporate reputation

Gender Pay Gap, The Corporate Reputation Story

The April deadline is looming for public, private and charity organisations with over 250 employees to submit their figures on Gender Pay Gaps to government. 

This is another reporting requirement, this time on gender pay, and yet another example of the increasing levels of transparency being demanded from organisations. 

These new levels of transparency aren’t just a requirement of government reporting, they are a fundamental principle of maintaining and enhancing a strong corporate reputation.

From the perspective of corporate reputation, simply submitting figures should be perceived as the most basic requirement needed to protect reputation and reputation risk.

However, actually enhancing corporate reputation as a crucial business asset goes way beyond submitting figures.

This is where the quality of ‘corporate reputation management’ across the UK’s largest organisations begins to show.

Those who actively manage their corporate reputation as an asset, not as a liability, will be seeking to enhance their reputation, not just to protect it.  For them, the issue of gender pay gap, like many other issues, will have been on their horizon for a long while, the issue will have been predicted and resolved internally in order that they can genuinely report positive figures.

These organisations will see gender pay reporting as an opportunity to demonstrate and remind their stakeholders that they can be trusted to actively address such important issues, before they are 'required' to do so.


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