June 2016

How Good Are Your Relationships?

No matter what kind of work we do, we're always in relationships. Our system of different relationships is at the heart of our reputation and how effective we can be.

Here at Reputation Consultancy we work firstly with reputation, helping clients to understand the reputaiton they hold. Then we work with relationships, helping clients to influence their reputation through positive relationships.

We all hold many different relationships across our personal and professional lives. The quality and strength of these relationships has a dramatic and direct effect on what we are able to achieve as individuals teams and as a wider collective.   69% of relationship issues are “perpetual”, that is they are likely to recur for the length of the relationship. 

So it is our skill at creating and maintaining our relationships and at understanding and shaping those relationships, that equips us to have the greatest possible impact in whatever it is we are trying to achieve.

In response to client demand, we have now launched a unique, one day masterclass for those who want to become proficient in having and holding good, strong relationships.

Allowing our clients to 

  • Better understand the concept of relationships
  • Take responsiblity for each of their relationships
  • Diagnose the quality of current relationships
  • Be capable of designing better relationships
  • Become skillful in nuturing relationships
  • Increase positive interactions
  • Decrease negative interactions and conflict
  • Enhace the emotional field across all relationships
  • Become practiced in relationship skills

If you would like to know how this may apply to your team, drop Rachel a note rachel.griffiths@reputationconsultancy.co.uk