March 2013

Leaders and Reputation - How Being Present is a Gift.


An ambassador for reputation, the modern leader is increasingly expected to ‘do’ and ‘be’ many things. In addition to ‘doing’ their job, they are expected to embody and reflect the very culture of their organisation in how they act.

This has been perfectly embodied this week by the way the Catholic world has looked to the new Pope as a role model for how the church should move forward in challenging times.

Some of the most contemporary demands on an organisation are to be transparent, accountable and trust-worthy, expectations that must be reflected and personified through leadership.

Strong leadership is a key component of reputation and just as an organisation needs to demonstrate several qualities through their behaviours and actions, so do individual leaders.

Little surprise then that the ‘how to’ of being a strong leader can seem a little daunting.

Strong leaders are seen and heard, they bring a different perspective and stand out from others, they are consistent in their message, they are trusted by others and have the ability to be truly engaged with many.

Essentially, leaders with a good reputation are those with the increased capacity to have an effect.

One of the most powerful ways that an individual can increase their capacity to have an effect is simply to be present. 

What is presence?

Being present is the ability to be solely and fully in the moment. The effect is that you see others more, what they say is clearer, you are able to have stronger connections with those you are with, you notice your feelings and you become practiced at responding authentically. 

When you are present you open yourself up fully to others.

5 implications of being present

  1. A larger context is revealed to us, we see a bigger picture.
  2. We unveil new possibilities for action
  3. We are faced with our freedom to choose
  4. We can invite and are open to invitation
  5. We open ourselves to fulfillment

We help leaders to understand their role in shaping reputation by providing detailed reputation measurement and management information.  We also assist leaders to fulfill their potential through leadership coaching and consultancy.