December 2013

Ending Modern Day Slavery, the global reputation of a cause

Ending Modern Day Slavery, the global reputation of a cause

We have the privilege of working with the Guardian and Humanity United, the global organisation working to end modern-day slavery and mass atrocities, on their ongoing partnership.

As part of the Guardian’s Global Development Series on Modern Day Slavery, we are tracking the reputation of the cause to end modern day slavery across the world.

Using our Reputation Tracker we are examining the visibility of the cause, the understanding and awareness of the issues involved and the extent to which key global influencers are engaging and addressing the problem.

The findings this has revealed are surprising, enlightening and shocking.

  • Modern Day Slavery is a Global Issue. Modern Day Slavery is an issue that touches every part of the world, regardless of the location, culture or wealth of a nation.  Our research found modern-day slavery is regularly associated with 86 countries across the globe.
  • Human trafficking for prostitution is what most people understand to be at the heart of modern day slavery (59% of all references). However, the sad reality is there are far more categories of slavery in existence, ranging from forced labour, child labour and the slavery of domestic workers.
  • There’s a need to help people realise that modern-day slavery is an issue that touches their lives and communities.  Analysing the emotions expressed towards modern day slavery, it’s clear that many people feel that this problem is very remote to their lives.  When in fact, as recent examples within the UK show, it’s a problem that can occur anywhere and at anytime.
  • The cause to end modern-day slavery is in need of champions.  The UN and national governments address the issue of modern day slavery, but aren’t capturing the attention and hearts of the global public.  Politicians, celebrities and business leaders are beginning to champion the cause and bring a much-needed spotlight to the problem.


The Guardian partnership with Humanity United is bringing this global issue into the mainstream news and political agenda. From fresh fears about the exploitation of workers behind the Qatar 2022 World Cup to how best to tackle examples of forced labour on your local high street

We’re extremely proud to be supporting this successful and powerful partnership.