September 2017

What is my online personal reputation?

NEW: Online Personal Reputation Coaching Programme

How Do I Manage My Personal Reputation Online?

A strong personal reputation and a powerful online presence is a must for the modern leader. It is also a very real expectation on anyone in a position of leadership.


How your personal reputation plays out online (and offline) will be helping, or hindering you and your organisation.  And whether you are a CEO, part of a senior leadership team or simply someone who is looking to advance their career, ‘knowing how’ to manage your personal reputation online is a necessary, modern skill.


In response to that need, Reputation Consultancy is delighted to announce what we believe to be the UK’s first


‘Online Personal Reputation Coaching Programme’,


It is designed specifically for senior leaders including CEOs and NEDs.


The Benefits Of A Strong Online Personal Reputation

  • Heightened personal visibility, that feels comfortable.
  • Greater engagement with colleagues and peers, creating opportunity.
  • Demonstration of personal and professional value alignment, giving confidence to stakeholders.
  • Appealing ‘digital CV’, showing ‘who you are’, not what you have done.
  • Firm positioning as a modern corporate leader/ambassador
  • Evidencing strong leadership, including transparency and accessibility.



Developing And Strengthening My Online Personal Reputation

This is a unique coaching programme, tailored to the individual and held on a one to one basis. Run over 10 x 1 hour sessions, it develops the skills and attributes that are needed to hold a strong personal reputation online.


Session one:               Personalizing your programme.

Session two:               What is my personal reputation online?

Session three:            Why do I hold that personal reputation?

Session four:              Designing the reputation I would like to hold

Session five:               Enhancing my personal reputation: online

Session six:                Strengthening my personal reputation: offline

Session seven:           Social media, finding my comfort zone

Session eight:             Using my personal reputation to support my aims

Session nine:              My Personal Reputation Toolkit

Session ten:                Reflection and learning and close.


Who Is This Coaching Programme Suitable For?

·      CEOs or leaders who need to have an online personal reputation to support their corporate role.

·      Those responsible for leaders who require a personal reputation or online presence.

·      Senior leaders who wish to support their career and reflect their CV through a solid digital presence.


What Is Included?

·      10 hours one to one coaching sessions

·      6 personal reputation exercises

·      Social media management skills

·      Content creation suggestions and skills

·      A personally tailored Online Personal Reputation Strategy


Your Personal Reputation Coach

Rachel Griffiths is founding partner of Reputation Consultancy and a leading thinker on personal and corporate reputation.  A regular media contributor on reputation for the BBC, Sky News and Washington Post, she is at home coaching CEOs and senior leaders. Holding an ACC coaching credential, she is a member of the International Coaching Federation, a member of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations and Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.  Her unique combination of skills and experience in personal and corporate reputation, communications and PR and digital and online content enables her to help others to develop powerful and effective reputations.


Her coaching style is described as ‘approachable, friendly and challenging’.


Here is what some of her clients have to say about her.


Rachel and I worked together for over a year and I found the overall experience incredibly rewarding.  From the offset, Rachel was interested and engaging and this helped set our relationship off on the right foot; as someone who's not naturally used to talking about myself, she created a safe and constructive environment which allowed me to reflect and challenge myself knowing there was always support there.


I've gone from being super negative to super positive. Rachel helped me to realise that it was my own pessimism and negativity was affecting my ability to achieve my reputation goals. Rachel's coaching approach was very warm and I could speak freely without fear of being judged. Thank you Rachel


Our Online Personal Reputation Coaching Programme for senior leaders can be held face to face or via telephone or Skype, at the client’s request.


For an informal chat with Rachel or to learn more about the programme contact Rachel on or call her on 07793 200888. @GriffithsRachel @RepConsultancy




Personal Reputation Coach Rachel Griffiths