October 2016

Parliament Outplays Philip Green at the Reputation Game

Sir (for the time being) Philip Green may have been a master of the high street, but he's been seriously outgunned by Parliament in playing the reputation game.

As discussed today when we were asked to appear on 5Live's Wake up to Money (fast forward to 33 mins in to hear), we're about to find out just how much his knighthood is worth.

Earlier this year, we highlighted how the solution to the BHS pension crisis was the only way out for Philip Green to preserve his reputation.  He created the expectation that he would find (and pay for) the solution.

After a summer of no apparent progress Parliament is calling Green's bluff, with a debate likly to end in a symbolic vote over whether he should be stripped of his honour.

Parliament understands how this will raise the stakes as negotions with the pensions regulator continue.

Having created the expectation of a solution, Green is now at risk of losing any public trust he had left.  

Unless he acts quickly or begins creating some transparency over the issues preventing resolution, he is likley to join the rogues gallery of famous names to lose titles and honours.

In this game of reputation poker, it seems to be Parliament that's holding all the cards.