November 2013

Personal Reputation The Asset Of You

Personal Reputation – The Asset of You

Recently we’ve been invited to write and speak on the subject of personal reputation.  We’ve been delighted to do so in detail to Corporate Treasurer Magazine and more briefly on television via BBC World News, Business Edition where we commented on the recent stories around Rob Ford, Mayor of Toronto.

Personal reputation is of major importance for all of us, but it is especially crucial for leaders, whose personal reputation can play a major part in the success (or failure) of the organisations they represent.

The significance and potential impact of personal reputation is also growing. Many people are aware of the value of having a ‘digital reputation’ and are equally apprehensive about ‘how’ and ‘when’ to build it without putting themselves at risk.

Personal reputation, just like corporate reputation, is both valuable and vulnerable. Personal reputation comprises of a number of qualities and competencies, all of which must be maximized and enhanced by the individual, team or organisation seeking to improve reputation.

For the individual, there are three, key personal challenges that thread through all the reputation qualities and competences needed.

1. Have integrity.  One must ‘be’ who one ‘claims’ to be. An individual’s actions should be aligned with their perceived values, behaving and communicating in a way that supports them.  

2. Be transparent.  To have the courage to be vulnerable, open, to invite questions and opinion and to be willing to stand up for what you believe in and who you are. This takes courage, a lack of ego and demonstrates strength and conviction

3. Be consistent. Only when the individual is acting in alignment with their values and with transparency does their reputation become consistent, they are seen as authentic and are trusted by others.

Learning to value your own reputation and to nurture it in the ways detailed above creates three, key benefits

Personal reputation becomes effortless for the individual

Personal reputation is generated with ease.

Personal reputation thrives

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