Products and Services

Our products and services help you to see, shape and strengthen your reputation. 

See Your Reputation

Measurement and Monitoring Tools

Our proprietory corporate reputation measurement tools provide research and reporting that lets you see and understand the corporate reputation you currently hold, both online and offline.

Monitoring over time to show you how and why reputation is changing and the key drivers. You will see the impact of change or issues and the effectiveness of communications or campaigns. 

In addition to evidencing your corporate reputation, we also evidence specific aspects of online reputation including Reputation Risk, Reputation of Employer Value Propositions and Reputation of Places.



Shape Your Reputation

Our Reputation Shaping programme equips your people and culture to strengthen and protect your corporate reputation. We combine reputation theory and practices with culture, communications, change management and team and leadership coaching. This allows your organisation to become highly capable in strengthening reputaiton and in building resilience against reputation risk.



Strengthen Your Reputation

Only when you truly understand the current reputation you hold and how that differs among stakeholders, can you really be confident that you are telling the right story, to the right people, in the right way.

We create a communications and engagement strategy both online and offline that will help you to strengthen the reputation you have among all your stakeholders.  We combine strategic communications, digital, social media and content strategy with advocate activation, public relations and public affairs.