April 2015

CEO reputation value to company

Quarter of UK Business Value Rests on CEO Reputation

An international study on the value of a CEO’s reputation to overall business value, suggests that as much of a quarter the value of UK businesses rests on its CEO’s reputation.

In developing countries the figure rose even higher with respondents in Indonesia suggesting that as much 68% of company value rests on the shoulders of the CEO.

The research points to the many ways in which positive CEO reputation contributes to company value and facilitates the day-to-day essentials of running a business.

While the figures are surprising, the common-sense reality that CEO reputation is an important business asset is undeniable.

Given this fact, it is perhaps surprising that more businesses don’t have a conscious strategy to monitor and develop this asset.

Working with CEOs to monitor how they are perceived by all stakeholders – both inside and outside their company – should be a basic starting point.  This can then form the basis of one-to-one leadership coaching to help develop the quality of their reputation.

Finally, influencing stakeholders through regular and structured communication and engagement to highlight the capabilities of the CEO (including social media) should form a key foundation of any corporate reputation management programme.

At Reputation Consultancy we work with the CEOs and leadership teams of many leading organisations, in both the private and public sectors, to enable them to see reputation as an asset and develop it in order to build better businesses.

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