May 2019

Theresa May reputation

Reputation Tracker: See What People Really Think of You


In our digital world it has become easier to find strong opinions, but perhaps harder to make sense of the 'noise'.  

Our solution is Reputation Tracker, a powerful listening tool that reveals how brands, people or issues are perceived.

By analysing online content and conversation, we reveal changes in visibility, trust, emotion and association.

Using bespoke dictionaries we can also examine specific topics. For example, the characteristics of leaders, association with specific brand values, reputation risks or sustainability themes.

Reputation Tracker can search back up to three years, as well as tracking future profile on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

By benchmarking against other brands, people or themes, we can also show how reputation differs.

Tracking audience conversation and emotions also enables us to see which issues, organisations, media and individuals are having most influence on people's perceptions.

Reputation Tracker can be used on its own or combined with detailed reputation surveys to measure, understand and respond to the reputation you hold.

In this example, we've tracked the reputation of Theresa May across the first three months of 2019.  It shows how the evolving Brexit crisis is playing out and shaping views of her leadership.  See the full report here.

We show

  • daily visibility
  • sentiment
  • how this compares with other political influencers
  • changes in association and sentiment on key policy areas
  • which influencers are shaping her profile.

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