The Role of the Chief Sustainability Officer

What is our reputation in CSR and ESGF?

The Role of Chief Sustainability Officer In Reputation


As stakeholders become increasingly sophisticated in their knowledge and expectations around the areas of sustainability, being able to satisfy those expectations not only requires strong credentials but positive perceptions and beliefs around those performance criteria. 


As with any other aspect of reputation, CSR and Environmental, Social, Governance and Financial peformance is a significant area that contributes to overall reputation equity. 


So how do you know that your CSR/ESGF work is having the greatest possible impact? How can you be confident that your initiatives and resources are being directed in the areas that have the greatest impact for your organisation?  How are you demonstrating ROI? 


These are all easy questions to answer from an operational, investment perspective, they are less easy to answer from a reputation perspective.


We help corporate and chief sustainability officers to assess their reputation (the perceptions and beliefs of their stakeholders) across all four areas of sustainability. This enables them to demonstrate where to invest across their activity to have greatest impact and to give them the confidence that they are doing the right things and telling the right story  to the right stakeholders.


·      Financial performance: financial fundamentals, reporting strategy, capital allocation.

·      Social impact: human rights, trade and labour, social inclusion, license to operation, consumer protection

·      Environment and natural capital: environmental impact, greenhouse gas, emissions, biodiversity, sustainability of operations.

·      Governance and stewardship: pay, board composition, bribery and corruption, accountability and transparency