Corporate Reputation Marketing and Communications Impact Assessment

How Are You Measuring The Impact and Effectiveness of Your Communications and Marketing?

Stop guessing and start knowing.

This is our call to all Head of Communcations and Marketing Directors who are working tirelessly to demonstrate, at board level, the impact of their work. In the traditional structure of an organisation, it is the communications and marketing disciplines that are the among the most empowered when it comes to managing and measuring corporate reputation.

This is the way we see it.

The purpose of every piece of communications and marketing is to strengthen reputation. Whether the aim is to drive footfall,  increase sales, strengthen association with a certain community, build engaging relationships or to achieve a better understanding in your audiences, every aspect is just one element of reputation or just a set of measures across just one stakeholder group.

Strong corporate reputations demand an understanding of all aspects of reputation, across all stakeholder groups at any moment in time.

So, we believe that many of the long established and current board reporting practices are no longer fit for purpose. From NPS to media spend, online engagement to brand strength, from PR coverage to customer satisfaction ratings, the world has moved on. 

Measuring changes in corporate reputation allows the savvy communications and marketing practitioner, not only to gain a richness of information with which they can truly inform their strategy, it also allows them to accurately and effectively measure the impact of their work, contributing to strengthening overall reputation and ultimately long term business growth.

Can you tell that we are passionate?

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