Corporate Reputation Measurement




Understanding and evidencing the reputation you hold, both online and offline, is the first step in reputation management. 

Only when you know the reputation you hold, see why you hold it and know what is driving it, can you really begin to define the change you want to make.

We enable you to just that.

Using our proprietory reputation measurement tools, you will gain powerful management information and insight into your online and offline reputation. Insights include

  • Benchmark the reputation you currently hold
  • Know how that varies across all your stakeholders
  • See why you hold that reputation
  • Understand what and who is driving that reputation
  • Watch how it is changing over time
  • Evidence your reputation strength and quality across every aspect
  • Look at the emotion held towards you and how that is changing
  • Better understand the reputation risks you face
  • Gain management information to help make more poweful decisions.
  • See how reputation differs across local, national or global regions and across languages.
  • Explore new products or markets

Whether you are a corporate organisation, a reputation risk professional, a HR director wanting to better understand your reputation as an employer brand, a communications and marketing specialist wanting to inform or evaluate your campaigns or even if you want to better understand the reputation of an issue or topic, our tools are the most specialised and comprehensive available.