Corporate Reputation Measurement Online

Our Reputation Tracker evidences the reputation you hold online, so that you can understand why you hold it, what is driving it and the opportunities to enhance it. Treating online reputation as a dynamic asset, our reputation tracker gives you the ability to track over 60 indicators of reputation, day by day, hour by hour. It can also provide a historic picture looking at retrospective trends going back up to five years.

It allows you to evidence

  • The strength of your current online reputation
  • The quality of your current online reputation
  • The drivers of your reputation
  • The greatest influencers on your reputation
  • Why and how your reputation is changing
  • The changing emotion held towards you
  • How your reputation compares against your competitors
  • The topics and issues with which you are being most strongly associated
  • Reputation risks that are rising in visibility and negative emotion
  • The pain points for your stakeholders

...and much more


We work with you to design a tailormade online reputation tracking dashboard so that you can measure key indicators.


See the conversations having the greatest influence on your online reputation by the year, month or hour.


Corporate Reputation Tracker
Corporate Reputation Tracker