Corporate Reputation Measurement Tools

Our leading corporate reputation measurement and monitoring tools provide research and reporting that lets you see and understand the corporate reputation you hold both online and offline.

We believe that they are the best reputation measurement and monitoring tools available in the world today. We say that because we have searched the world to find existing tools that met our demands. When we were unable to find them,  we partnered with a leading academic instutution and worked with them to build our own.

You see, the very best reputation measurement tools demand:

  1. A knowledge of reputation theory. We know what reputation is, we spent four years studying the theory.

  2. Insight to the most contemporary digital practices available. We have worked in digital communications for ten years.

  3. Working knowledge of research and reporting. With twenty years in senior corporate businesses we understand the value of powerful management research.

  4. Real insight as to how organisations communicate with their stakeholders.  Our twenty years in strategic communications has ensured our tools provide the most useful insight for our clients.


We have two proprietory reputation measurement and monitoring tools.


Reputation Tracker - online reputation measurement 

Our reputation tracking tool tracks reputation change in real time and retrospectively up to five years.  Allowing you to inform strategy, move resource, assess reputation risk and evaluate progress against agreed goals. Our reports show who and what is influencing reputation, the emotion held towards you and how your reputaiton compares to that of your competitors. It provides immediate workable outcomes to enhance reputation over the short, medium and long term and reveals global best practice within your sector.



Reputation Fingerprint - offline reputation measurement

Our highly detailed fingerprint, provides you with your reputation DNA. Taking a 360-degree view of the perceptions and beliefs held about you across all your stakeholders it provides evidence of the quality and strength of current reputation.

The reputation fingerprint evidences the financial, social and environmental standing of your organisaiton allowing you to prioritise, predict and prevent reputation risk, see opportunies and make powerful managment decisions.