Corporate Reputation Monitoring

Corporate Reputation Monitoring allows you to measure change and impact.

Having benchmarked the online reputation you currently hold and designed what it is that you want to change, our reputation monitoring service allows you to keep a watching brief on the aspects of reputation that are deemed to be most important.

Our service measures 60 indicators of reputation, showing you how reputation has changed over the last 12 months retrospectively and up to the last hour.

It can be tailor-made to proactively measure continued reputation performance and used reactively as an early warning signal for issues that may be growing in visibilty or negative emotion.

Reputation Monitoring allows you to:

  • Assess the overall strength and quality of reputation on an ongoing basis.
  • Quantify reputation change
  • See the nature of reputation change
  • Demonstrate the impact of campaigns, launches, announcements, initiatives, reputation events
  • Establish an early warning reputation risk alert
  • Benchmark and evaluate reputation performance in times of crisis or reputation risk