Corporate Reputation Measurement Offline

Our Reputation Fingerprint assesses the reputation you hold offline, across all your stakeholder groups through 360 degree research across all your stakeholders.  

This detailed insight provides you with the full picture of the perceptions and beliefs held about you, across every aspect of reputation strength and quality, across all your internal and your external audiences.

It provides you with the ability to see what needs to change and how to influence more effectively.

Having and holding a strong reputation demands that the internal and external perceptions of audiences are aligned.

Our Reputation Fingerprint reveals the extent and nature of the gap analysis between those internal and external audiences, 

Internally, we assess C-Suite, Board members, NEDs, leadership teams. heads of departments, management and shop floor workers. Where appropriate, we can further segment to new joiners, long servers and across departments.

Externally, we assess your reputation among the media, MPs, suppliers, trade bodies, regulators, current customers, potential customers, lapsed customers.

The impact?  Insight that immediately informs everything from brand strategy to market positioning, communications to new product development. 



Measuring corporate reputation offline with Reputation Fingerprint