Reputation As Employer

How Do You Measure Your Reputation As An Employer?

Our Reputation As An Employer measurement tool, helps HR directors to answer just that question.

Tailormade in partnership with HR professionals and created in response to demand,  this specialist reputation measurement tool is capable of measuring your reputation as an employer offline and online.

It provides the evidence and insight that you need to assess the effectiveness of your Employer Value Proposition (EVP) and ultimately to attract and retain the best talent.

That means HR professionals get the insight they need to:

  • Assess the quality and strength of their employer brand internally and externally.
  • See and understand the response to their EVP and the emotions towards them.
  • Understand how that reputation as an employer is changing over time.
  • Know what and who is having the greatest influence on their reputation as an employer.
  • Measure the effectiveness of campaigns
  • Define communication priorities and determine the most engaging language
  • Learn how they compare with competitors
  • See their performance across the HR agenda e.g diversity and inclusion
  • Determine the EVP priorities among differing stakeholders e.g. current employees, potential employees, graduates, skilled hires

Our Reputation of Employer tool is capable of assessing EVP performance globally and nationally across languages.

Here we see the extent to which this global consultancy is being associated with solution solving and curiosity among potential employees.




Reputation of Employer Brand