Reputation of Issue

Here at Reputation Consultancy, we have been most proud of the work we have done in this area.

Evidencing the Reputation of An Issue or topic both online and offline is incredibly powerful.  

One of our finest examples is the issue of Modern Day Slavery. Working in partnership with an NGO, we took a deep dive into the issue of Modern Day Slavery across the global regions, understanding how the issue and subject was understood and talked about across the world.

Quite simply, this equipped them to move resource, change their communication and make a real difference in combatting this global issue. We will never forget hearing these words when we took them through the findings.

We always thought this was the case - and have actually begun to make some changes along these lines - but we have ever had the evidence to prove it or measure the impact. Now we have what we need to move resource and make the difference that we exist for.