Reputation of Place


Our unique Reputation of Place measurement tool allows everyone from commercial property developers to property consultants, town planners, towns, cities and tourist attractions to understand how they are perceived in the mind of visitors, residents, businesses and across all their user groups.

This insight enables them to improve the reputation of the location in the minds of those it serves - whether that is a whole city, a new development or a single tourist attraction.

We assess, the online and offline Reputation of a Place, providing insight that informs and shapes the aspects that determine its successful development.  Through understanding the perceptions and beliefs about a place, our clients can attract more investment, create effective stakeholder engagement, design powerful branding, define its unique personality and build a stronger sense of belonging and identity. 

Our clients use Reputation of Place measurement to

  • Define the unique personality or brand of the place.
  • Increase and evaluate the effectiveness of the area for all users
  • Predict demand
  • Compare locations
  • Identify opportunities
  • Attract investment
  • Manage risk
  • Assess painpoints, improvement or investment

Reputation of Place can be evidenced locally, nationally or globally. 

Take a look at the significant role that tourism is playing in shaping the reputation of Manchester at a national level.





The Reputation of A Place