Reputation of Product

Whether you are assessing a market place, launching a new product, considering product development or extending a product range, our Reputation of Product measurement tool is uniquely designed to show you the attitudes, perceptions and beliefs held about your product, the performance of its attributes and the emotions felt towards it.

This powerful listening informs product strategy.

You will gain market insight and competitive advantage that allows your product to flourish.

By measuring the reputation of your product offline and online, you will

  • See how the reputation of your product differs among consumer groups
  • Assess its performance against your chosen criteria e.g technical performance
  • Assess its performance against competitor products
  • Gauge brand performance
  • See the influencers of reputation around your product, from conversation to individuals and groups.
  • Predict market trends
  • Identify opportunities for new product development.

Our insight has been used on products ranging from household cleaners to home insurance. 

This tool not only helps you to assess the overall reputation of your product, its quality, its strengths and its performance in the mind of your consumers, it also lets you take a deep dive into the insight to show you exactly why reputations are changing. 

Real insight that enables real commercial outcomes.