Reputation Risk


Our specialist measurement of online and offline Reputation Risk provides you with the ability to manage and protect the intangible asset that is your reputation by gaining a live and dynamic assessment of the reputation risks facing your organisation.

It provides you with the ability to stop potential risks from becoming actual losses, ensuring that reputation is firmly positioned as an asset and not as a liability.

We provide you with the reality around the Reputation Risks, the insight to see which risks are a storm in a tea-cup and which are significantly changing over time.  That allows you to:

  • Prioritise your risk 
  • Allocate your resources appropriately
  • Prevent risk by seeing a medium and long term view
  • Predict the risks you and your sector may face
  • Prepare effectively

We measure across seven areas of reputation risk including financial risk,  management and leadership risk, regulatory risk, operating risk, communication and environmental, social and governance risk. 

Responsibility for reputation risk can fall between risk professionals, operational risk professionals and marketing and communications specialists. The reality is that reputation risk is dynamic and ever-changing, risks to reputation can be rumours and untruths and in a digital world perceptions and beliefs change quickly.  

An informed and insightful view of reputation risk, at any moment in time, is business critical.

Do you know the emotions held towards you and how they are changing?  And are you aware of the areas of your business that are changing most quickly?

The role of emotion in Reputation Risk