Corporate Reputation Culture Change

Corporate culture fuels the capability of a business to enhance and protect corporate reputation, especially today in a world where internal and external stakeholders are increasingly connected and able to influence and be influenced.

What was once measured in terms of employee satisfaction and talent retention, a strong corporate culture is moving way beyond the responsiblity of HR function towards a broader remit of supporting corporate reputation

It is the shared values, attitudes, standards, beliefs, aligned goals and common behaviours that can strengthen or surpress corporate reputation.

Our team combine our experience in reputation, change management, corporate culture and coaching to change culture by developing and embedding the behaviours that are needed to support corporate reputation.

That gives you the confidence and assurance that you are building internal capability that will strengthen and protect reputation.

We take you through our 'Culture Change For Reputation' Programme, and ensure that your people and your culture are equipped with nine key culture tools.

  1. Shared vision and mission
  2. Brand behaviours
  3. Values alignment
  4. Accountability
  5. Relationship skills
  6. Positive disruption
  7. Powerful story telling
  8. Courageous leadership
  9. Growth mindset

And when you meet our team you will see how passionate they are about making real and lasting change.