Corporate Reputation Strategy Design

So this is where our clients benefit from our unique combination of specialist knowledge that includes reputation theory, online and offline reputation measurement and strategic communications

We work with you to design a corporate reputation strategy that will take you towards the reputation you wish to hold.

Here is how we typically go about designing a reputation strategy in partnership with our clients.

  • We show you the reputation you hold and why you hold it, using our online and offline reputation measurement tools.
  • Our facilitated workshops enable your leadership team to work with the results and define the gap analysis and the framework.
  • Using our coaching approach we help your team to shape and populate the reputation you wish to hold.
  • A reputation workshop works with head of departments to take bring the leadership's direction into reality
  • A reputation strategy report captures the insight, the leadership direction and the input from the workshop to create the reputation strategy. It includes recommendations for changes in processes, relationships and systems, counsel on communications strategy and immediate short, medium and long term objectives.