Evaluation and Impact Assessment

What is the best way to evaluate and assess communications activity?

From reach to readership, likes to followers, employee engagement, to brand messages and NPS, the current landscape to evaluate and assess the impact of communications is siloed and piecemeal. Each communications discipline has its own best practice. 

We take a holistic approach to assessing the impact of communications through measuring impact on reputation. That means that we measure all stakeholders, on all aspects of reputation, online and offline.  What's more we can see how things are changing over time and evidence the what and the who is having greatest effect.

Benchmarking reputation, understanding which perceptions and beliefs need to be changed, among which stakeholder and through which channel is the only starting point for real assessment.

Dovetailing all the existing measures into a reputation framework means that existing measures can be preserved and made more useful. In the context of reputation impact, it provides a rich and informative way to assess and evaluate activity.

To us, it is really the only way to evaluate.