June 2013

Using Big Data to Grow Your Corporate Reputation

Using Big Data to Grow Your Corporate Reputation


Over the next 4 weeks, we’re taking part in a series of business events on the theme of the Intelligent Use of Data.

Sharing a platform with The Guardian and SAS, we’ll be talking about how we use ‘big data’ to help organisations understand their current reputation and track how it changes over time and in response to events.

This is made possible by the explosion in digital content and social signals.  All of which can be combined to help understand how organisations are seen, people’s underlying perceptions and what’s driving these views.

Domo recent collated statistics that estimated how each minute of every day we see a mountain of new data created.  For example:

  • 347 wordpress blogs
  • 571 new websites
  • 100,000 tweets
  • 684,478 Facebook shares
  • 34,722 Facebook ‘likes’
  • 2 million Google searches


Big data analysis helps organisations in three key ways:

  1. Better Listening: getting the complete picture of what’s being said in relation to their brand.
  2. Better Decision Making: the ability to see what’s happening right now, make comparisons with competitors and even make realistic predictions based on the analysis of past events.
  3. Better Emotional Understanding: gauging the emotional dimension on difficult issues to see which represent the biggest risks or opportunities for future growth.


To find out more about how we use big data and small data, please come to one of the events by registering through the IoD or get in touch through our website.