What Is Corporate Reputation?

Corporate Reputation Is

Here is what we believe to be some of the basics of corporate reputation

  • Corporate reputation is a mosaic collection of the beliefs and perceptions held about you, by all your stakeholder groups.
  • Reputation comprises the combined beliefs and perceptions held around 80 aspects of your performance and behaviour.
  • Corporate reputation is owned, not by your organisation itself, but by all those with an interest in it.
  • An organisation can only ever try and influence its reputation through understanding what that reputation is, why it holds it and who and what is influencing it.
  • Reputation is a valuable corporate asset, estimated to be worth one third the market value of an organisation.
  • Reputation is both valuable and vulnerable.
  • Through corporate reputation measurement and tracking tools, it is possible to make the intangible asset of reputation highly tangible.
  • CEOs are finding corporate reputation ever present on the board agenda, in a digital and connected world reputations are increasingly visible and vulnerable.



Corporate Reputation Is Not


We hope it helps to share our thoughts on what we believe corporate reputation isn't.

  • Corporate reputation is not online reputation. Corporate reputations are increasingly being played out online but true corporate reputation is the ability to collect perceptions and beliefs across stakeholders groups. At any point in time, reputation is both online and offline.
  • Corporate reputation is not brand. There is much academic debate about this point. In our view, brand is something that the organisation controls and seeks to portray to its stakeholders through visual identification, consistent corporate behaviours and language. Brand is created and controlled from the inside out.  Reputation is not owned or controlled by the organisation. It is the 'outside in' view that must be heard, understood and influenced if reputation is to be enhanced.
  • Reputation is regularly misused to mean perhaps just SEO, online PR, digital marketing or google rankings. This is not reputation, they are tools through which you can listen more acutely to the reputation you have and try to influence it. 
  • Corporate reputation isn't the responsibility of one department or function, Many organisations still label it as marketing, PR or public affairs. it is the responsibility of the Board to set the corporate reputation strategy and the responsibility of a cross-functional leadership team to manage and report on it.