April 2014

What Is The One Question That Leaders in ESG Would Most Like Answered?

Last week in London, leaders from FTSE companies and public sector organisations from across seven countries joined us for two days in our truly international seminar on ‘Environmental, Social and Governance and Reputation Risk’

Our first question at the beginning of the two days was ‘What Is The One Question You Would Most Like To Answer’

These are the questions that were posed, which provide a very real reflection of how reputation and reputation risk is a company-wide concern.

  1. Can we ever improve our reputation or are some companies simply just going to have a bad reputation?
  2. How do we implement reputation strategy throughout the organisation?
  3. How do we involve and engage our entire organisation in reputation building?
  4. What is a good reputation framework for us to build that all can follow?
  5. How does a CSR/Sustainability department prove the need to integrate and continually improve?
  6. There is a real need for an ‘early warning’ system and a long term proactive strategy to be in place. How do we persuade our board of the business case?
  7. What are the tangible steps to follow for a robust risk management programme?
  8. How do we engage our members and staff in ESG risk?
  9. In terms of our governance, how do we engage our stakeholders in its importance?
  10. How do you put a financial value on reputation risk? And what is the best practice in consistency of reporting?

At the end of our two days together, we went through each question and agreed we had come up with the answers.

If you’d like the answer to a question above, please get in touch and ask us.