What Is Our Corporate Reputation Online?

What Is Our Corporate Reputation Online?


The term online corporate reputation or corporate reputation online, is widely misconceived. Commonly referred to as online crisis management, search engine optimisation, google rankings or social media, it isn’t any of these, although they all have a part to play in it.

Adding to the confusion is the siloed structure of the communications industry, where many claim to offer reputation support but in reality are grounded in one specialism, such a digital, communications or PR.   Being able to advise on reputation means, first, understanding what reputation is.

Knowing what your online corporate reputation is, firstly demands a basic understanding of what reputation is.  Once this framework is understood, it becomes the management model through which reputation becomes tangible. Once it is tangible, seen and understood, it becomes fully appreciated and an asset to actively manage.

Corporate reputation online, is simply the digital ‘playing out’ of reputation across this specific medium. That ‘playing out’ happens to take place in a 24/7 connected world, where stakeholders are influenced and influence eachother.  The principles of corporate reputation remain the same, they are simply transferred to an online practice where, today, reputations are often shaped and change at speed.

It is just as vital to understand the corporate reputation you hold online as it is to understand the corporate reputation you hold off line.

When the two are measured in parallel the organisation becomes empowered.

Online Corporate Reputation: The Aims

  • Stop guessing, start evidencing what your online reputation is and understand how that differs across stakeholder groups.
  • See and understand how the reputation you have online differs from the reputation you aspire to hold.
  • Understand what and who is driving your online so that you can begin to engage in a way that supports, strengthens and protects it.
  • Track the changing emotion held towards you so that you can predict and prevent risk. Know how people are feeling towards you.
  • Equip yourself to be able to respond appropriately and proportionately to any reputation event, by having a clear picture of your reputation standing and being able to differentiate between a potential crisis and a storm in a tea cup.